Garden Dwelling

Do you enjoy working in the yard? I do! I wonder if I had a beautiful garden shed if it would help me hone my gardening skills? Now let's see what style would I like?

Doesn't this one look like it is straight out of a nursery rhyme? I just love the wooden doors and the brick pathway.
photo: Beth

What about this beauty nestled in among the trees in a beautiful shade garden? I would love to have that shade about now. It is almost 100 degrees today!
photo: Lucille

I like this one's simplicity and I am crazy for the lanterns on the porch!
photo: Suzi

This small shed is almost hidden but note the beautiful roof!
photo: Laurel

Hmmm- and added feature- a skylight. How terrific is that?!
photo: Guy

I find this one to be very Little House on the Prairie Style. A great hiding place for Laura Ingalls.
photo: Sangeeta

So well balanced. Don't you just love the window boxes and the cupola?
photo: B.Brooks

This one reminds me of a cellar that my aunt had on her farm in Texas when I was a little girl. Simple but Justin

What can I say but that I just love the doors! Such refreshing colors.
photo: Jo

Is this the same color as the above shed? Love how it pops!
photo: Jim

Well I feel inspired now- How about you?