Coffee, Cocktails and Conversation

Don't you love it when you go to someone's home and from the minute the door opens, a wonderful feeling comes over you? It happens as soon as you get your first peek inside and can't wait to see what delights await you! What is it that creates that welcoming vibe that piques your senses and beckons you in? True it has something to do with the demeanor of the host or hostess at the door but what about the elements in the design of the room?

Want to encourage your guests to linger a little longer and enjoy coffee, cocktails & conversation with you in a space that by every one's measure is a roaring success? We are pleased to share with you 6 tips from some of our favorite designers. They will show us how to give our guests pause as we accomplish this most inviting feat.

Designer Kenneth Brown believes that soft textures, lamp lighting, a warm color palette and the sound of laughter help create an environment that says "Welcome".

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"In order to create a space that is both inviting to the heart and pleasing to the eye - it is important to not overlook your ceilings," says designer Samantha Sirzyk. "So often the focus of an interior is placed on furniture arrangements and accessories, all the things that you see in front of you, when really it is what comes from above that can take your space from ordinary to extraordinary. Pay attention to the lighting in your space - both the type of fixtures (recessed, surface mounted, torchiere, etc.) and the types of lamps (incandescent, fluorescent, halogen, etc.)- and don't forget about the endless possibilities with ceilings treatments (a simple bead board might just do the trick)."

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For designer Robin Baron, "Flexibility is the name of the game! Create a seating area in your family or living room that's comfortable and multi-purpose. Placing ottomans under your coffee table or around your sofa allows for extra seating so your guests can easily pull up for an intimate chat or sip a cocktail at a party. And when you're not entertaining, put your feet up and relax while watching TV. The goal is to make your space functional and flexible for your lifestyle."

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Designer Nicole Sassaman says, "The family room is a stylish, modern, and yet very comfortable space to have your morning coffee in or even your martinis in the evenings. I provided lots of fun seating, but one of the favorites is right on the floor on top of the cozy shag carpeting. The warm colors on the walls and the unique fireplace create a great ambiance to hang out and relax in. The crashing sound of the waves hitting the sand doesn't hurt either!"

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Designer Mally Skok shares "I think creating a comfortable environment is all about seating. I love to put chairs in passages, in bathrooms, a bench in a window with a lovely view. It visually says to you and your friends - make yourself comfortable, stay a while, or put down that heavy package here. Chairs, sofas and benches in well thought out an unusual places tell your guests that there is plenty of space for them to drop in and stay for a while. It really doesn't matter if they ever sit in that spot or not, it still sends a lovely message."

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And designer Kiki Titterud says, "Create Colorful Conversation - Splashes of color not only convey an inviting ambiance, but also evoke strong psychological effects on those enjoying the space. Warm, cheerful colors such as yellow, yellow-orange, orange, and red-orange generate creativity and simulate conversation, socialization and appetite. Entertaining in rooms decorated with these hues will be a cinch, guests will feel welcome, and ready for an evening of chatter."

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Thanks designers for sharing such helpful advice!