Beautiful Quiet Textures

This home has many beautiful, quiet textures which keeps the view clean and unobstructed and gives a feeling of relaxation. Just check out the black labs.

I am such a fan of kitchens without upper cabinets, the only problem is I like so many dishes that I just don't know if I could make do without the storage they provide.

What a fab ceiling! Such a strong statement in a simple way.

Here is a shot of the area at the end of the room. What a lovely place to work!

So many eye pleasing pieces in such a small space. But each piece gives your eye a place to land as you follow the ironwork up to the second floor and around to the window treatment.

Such a relaxing bathroom- Don't you just love the soaking tub? And I think the pedestal sink is terrific- so unique. This reminds me of a great quote I read, "Nobody wants to show up to a party in the same dress. That's the same reason interior design should be unique"--John Moinzad

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