Secret? What secret?

Have you ever had to keep a secret? Well, I have been keeping a big one since the week before Christmas and I can now let it out! I was contacted by Kieren DiTullio, home editor of the Ladies Home Journal and asked if I would like to have some of the merchandise from Neutral Dwelling featured in a photo shoot!!! Would I??????????? Are you kidding me? Somebody pinch me!!! Is this for real??? So of course I responded with a resounding YES I would love it!

I later received a phone call asking me to ship the merchandise to the photo shoot in Connecticut for a layout that would appear in the March 08 issue. I was still in shock but I dutifully sent it. I waited a couple of days and the merchandise was returned perfectly.

I was patiently awaiting my copy of the magazine to arrive in the mail but my husband went to Target today and there it was- sitting on the shelf with Dolly Parton on the front cover! YEAHHHHH! He calls me on the phone and says he is holding it in his hands- I am asking (anxiously I might add)- Do you see it? What page? How does it look? He says, "Ah, page 82- but I don't have my glasses so I can't read what it says" So I squeal "Please come straight home!" While I wait for him to arrive I am running around the house in a nervous frenzy cleaning anything I can find (Nervous energy is good for something!)

I hear the garage door open and run down the stairs- There it is - Page 82 March 2008 LHJ !!! The layout is called "A Blossoming Tabletop" and there they are- the Roost Porcelain Tea lights- and there, there it is Neutral Dwelling! Oh look- it says Where to Find It- Page 170- I flip quickly to that page-there it is again- Neutral Dwelling- !!! I turn back to page 82- Oh it looks lovely!!!- I turn the page- Page 84- there is another picture of the Tea light. I am now dancing around the kitchen!!!!!!!!