Celebrating the Small Stuff

I know in the scheme of life, decorating is "the small stuff" but it brings joy and is a cause for celebration at my house! I thought I would share with you that I have been working on my living room and dining room for a few months-(in baby steps- a little bit at a time). I don't know about you but for myself when selecting furnishings for my home, I like to take my time and live in the room and let it evolve. Well, for the last couple of months we have been without window treatments in these 2 rooms and I feel relatively sure the neighbors have grown tired of seeing us on display! This past weekend the window treatments arrived and were installed and we are thrilled as are the neighbors! If you are familiar with Kelly Hoppen Home: From Concept to Reality you will have seen this style. I just loved it and wanted it in my home so I selected it for the living room. I just wonder if she had as much fun tying the knot as I did!

These are the silk panels in the dining room- (still have to get the wrinkles out) but I find them lovely!

Do you celebrate "the small stuff"? If so, please share!!