Working Spaces

The trend in home offices may be gone in 5 years due to wireless technology.

When you read this statement, what was your first thought? Michelle Lamb made this remark at a forecasting seminar that I attended and my first thought was - I disagree! I think that no matter how technology grows, we still have to have a space for storage(what would I do without my magazine stash, samples and catalogs ?!) and a dedicated place to sit down and really get to work. Yes, I agree that wireless is a great thing and I love being able to work while lounging at the lake, or enjoying the backyard. But I remember myself as a kid and I always studied better when I sat at my desk, in my little desk chair in my designated study spot. How about you?

I am going to keep my little office space - no matter the trend. So bring on the crystal sconces, beautiful vases, wooden bowls, soft pillows and fantastic artwork! I want to be inspired while working!

Here are a few options when creating your home office:
  • Open shelves filled with baskets provide storage that's visible but out of sight.
  • To cut glare on computer monitors, use an adjustable desk lamp and have overhead lighting on a dimmer.
  • Organize work with a beautiful bulletin or inspiration board.
  • Use glass urns to hold office supplies such as stamps or pencils.
  • Think vertically to maximize space - store beautiful fabric covered boxes and bins on top of one another to hide all those unsightly things.
  • Spend five minutes at the end of each day clearing off your desk so that the next time you sit down to work, you want be distracted.

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