Take A Deep Breath

I always love spending time outdoors, whether it be a walk in the woods, taking a boat ride at the lake or going to the park. It is such a deep breath of fresh air and helps me to feel relaxed and renewed. I decided to bring home a couple of finds from my last walking excursion in the woods. One is a piece of a fallen limb covered in moss and the other is some type of natural ball shaped seed pods (not sure what they are called -they were just laying on the woodland floor). I have placed them in my planter with my fern and each time I pass I recall that wonderful deep breath feeling.

That same feeling can be exuded in an interior scheme such as this one. Natural materials such as concrete, wood, steel, and glass are used with warm woods and textural fabrics. In harmony with nature.

Earth and Water-- Sigh...... This color scheme really brings the outdoors inside. Earthtones with cool blue.