Are you transitioning yet?

Transitional design is simply a matter of mixing traditional and modern pieces whether it be accessories, furniture, fabrics, or architectural features. By marrying these 2 styles you create a fresh, new timeless design. When choosing accessories for this style it is good to be selective as fewer pieces are chosen so you want them to make a statement. In this foyer- what caught your eye first? Was it the clean lines of the modern lamp on the table bringing your eye up to the woodwork of the staircase? This is an example of a room leaning more toward the traditional sense with a little modern mixed in.

This lovely dining room from Emily Summers is a wonderful example of a more modern transitional design. I am drawn to the play of the chairs against the sleek lines of the marble table. The chandelier gives a sense of play to the room so that it does not become too serious and I love the use of the abstract artwork.

Transitional design is my favorite design style. Any thoughts you would like to share on transitional decorating? I would love to hear them!