Good Housekeeping

Melissa at The Inspired Room is hosting a Drive By Around The World and I am participating. She comes up with the greatest ideas! You can visit her Drive By - just click here.

So please join me as we travel by boat, car and even on foot to take a peek at many diverse styles. While looking around, I decided that it really doesn't matter if the house is large or small, new or old, humble or grandiose. What matters is that you make the most of what you have. So my tour is dedicated to Good Housekeeping!

Front Doors are a great place to create a welcoming vignette. I like these with their use of symmetry.

I love the use of lawn furniture, statues and urns.

Hey- This isn't a lawn statue but isn't he cute? He was at the edge of the woods while I was on one of my walks.
Aren't these wood doors and columns just fab?

The ground cover is doing a terrific job for curb appeal to this simple structure! I love how this house looks with the great oak tree shading the house.

These homes are picture perfect!

Look what I spotted on my walk.... A baby mockingbird calling to his mother. She wasn't far away- Calling to him from a nearby tree.

The use of stone gives great texture to this house- I think it is a beautiful stone.

What a view from the lake! Simply beautiful!

I couldn't help but be attracted to this little guy perched atop the hydrangea. Sitting on top of the world!

A wonderful wrought iron garden gate!

No tour of Louisiana would be complete without one of these....

Sorry the pic is not so sharp- No one wanted to get too close ;) Hope you enjoyed!