Vignette- a small view that displays what's going on in a certain area.

There are many opportunities to personalize your home when creating vignettes that show your style. These can be easily and quickly changed by adding or subtracting pieces as your tastes or the seasons change. If you are like me, I like to change things up a bit just to give a fresh look to the space.

Changing accessories won't usually ruin your budgets and it is a lot easier than painting- which is another quick change solution for your space. Changing accessories doesn't necessarily mean buying everything new- but taking stock of what you have and see other possibilities for where they go rather than where they always go.

The best thing to do when changing out is to clear every surface. Then start replacing your pieces while avoiding repeating the same arrangements that you previously had. Think of your vignette as a canvas and you are trying to create the perfect still life. The idea is to have differing heights, textures, colors and widths, but also have a theme that draws the objects together. It's best to overlap some so that they are slightly hidden and others are more prominent. Don't have too many focal points - so as not to confuse the eye.

Now have fun! Step back and look art the work of art you have created in your vignette.

No matter what your style, you can create an interesting vignette. There are so many wonderful bloggers in blogland with differing styles I thought I would feature a few:

This example is from Cote de Texas, Do you see the theme tying the table together? Globes of different sizes and the collection of books. Joni states that she removes the suzani in the summer which definitely changes the look at no cost.

This vignette is from The Inspired Room. Notice the varying heights of mirrors and the use of the color red.

This beautiful setting from KatieDid is so fresh for spring. Did you notice the layering on the mirror and the varying heights of the objects. Using books as a riser is a smart and inexpensive choice.

Kari and Kijsa created a wonderful vignette overlapping plates and chargers.

Just Imagine with a perfectly modern still life.

Now stay calm and start re-creating vignettes for a fresh new look for spring in your home!