Have a Design No No?

While looking at all of the designer rooms in magazines, on websites or blogs do you take notice of the small details that make the room? These may seem insignificant when your are planning your space but they can give your room that polished look and you don't have to spend a lot of money. See the few tips below and save yourself from making a Design No No in your space.
  • Hang your art at the right level- We've all seen art that looks as if it is floating out on its own above a piece of furniture. It's best to separate furniture by no more than 10".
  • Don't match everything in your room- whether it be furniture pieces, matching fabrics or coordinated wallpapers - It gets boring.
  • Don't have too many small plants scattered around- make an impact with a few grouped together or use 1 large knock your socks off plant.
  • Be aware of your silk plants- don't let them become dust catchers! Personally, I like fresh flowers when in season so they are reasonably priced.
  • Be ruthless in editing accessories in the room- Make them count! You can always rotate them out.

Photography: Jonathan Harper as seen in From House to Home
Design Michael Graves