Setting the Stage with A TableScape

I just finished reading Colin Cowie's book "Colin Cowie Chic, The guide to life as it should be" and in the 1st chapter- A Gracious Home, Public Spaces he states that if life is theater, then his living room is one place where he sets the stage. On his coffee table, he states that he might display a pile of books he enjoys, or a group of dazzling crystal candles around a low vase packed abundantly with flowers; or a tall, thin vase with a single bloom or a tropical leaf. The point being to create harmony by choosing three or four elements, such as books, candles, and a floral or decorative objet d'art.

Well, I wanted to see this in action so I started through my stack of magazines and took some pics to post of different tablescapes and even though they are all different i.e. different tables, different accessories, etc. they all follow the same point- harmony through the elements.

Magazine: New York Home; Designer: Todd Black; Photographer: Bruce Buck

Magaznie: New York Home; Design: Betsy Marx; Photographer: Gridley & Graves

Magazine: New York Home; Designer: Marcy Masterson; Photographer John M. Hall

Magazine: In Style Home; Design: Betsy Burnham; Photographer: Lisa Romerein

Magazine: Metropolitian Home; Photographer: Grey Crawford

Magazine: Florida Design; Design: Marigil M. Walsh;Photographe: Kim Sargent

Magazine: Florida Design; Design: Sue Strober; Photography: Robert Brantley

Magazine: Florida Design; Design: Anne Folsom Smith; Photographer: Barbara Banks

Magazine: Florida Design; Design Firm: Tom Stringer, Inc.; Photographer: Dan Forer

After seeing the last pic with the ottoman, I decided I ought to go downstairs and check out my "real world" tablescape:
Eek! I better run outside and get some type of green plant material :)