How Lovely Are Your Branches

Bring forth the fir tree
The box, and the bay
Deck out our cottage
For glad Christmas Day.
anonymous, old english

We find ourselves in a quandary this year concerning our Christmas tree. We have had a beautiful tree that has served our family well but now feel that we are ready to take a leap to get a new one. Of course, we had to get past the first decision - real or not--- We will be going for the not so real. I love the smell of a real tree, but alas I must be practical.

Real ones only last for a short period and I would rather leave them growing in all of their glory. Although it is fun to go to the Christmas tree farm to select "the one" as you are pulled behind the tractor. It is fun to see families with small children as they select the trees. Everyone has their own idea of the perfect tree. One child wants the largest tree in sight, another may want the one that looks like the ones in coloring books. The father looks at the price tags but doesn't want to be the Scrooge. Then mother to the rescue- imaging how beautiful the most practical one will look when decorated.

We have been looking at so many types of trees: Elegant Douglas Firs, shapely Red Pines, graceful White Pines to name a few.

So many choices.... We don't know what to do....

And then I think of my beautiful tree that has done its job so well standing proudly in all its glory as my children grew and grew and are now able to put on the tree topper! I don't know if I really want to let it go. How lovely are its branches filled with many memories.