Do you know what day it is?

It is Houseplant Appreciation Day.

Do you have a green thumb?  Personally, I look for easy to care for types.  I think they make my thumb look a little greener.  One of my favorites is the Ming Aralia with its fancy, finely cut foliage because it is so easy to grow and it just might spoil you to other plants.  It likes to be warm and doesn't like to be over watered and what's more, it tolerates low light to full sun.  This one came from Home Depot and has been living with us for about 4 years.


Another easy to care for one that I like is the Spider Plant.  It likes medium to bright light and moist soil and when it finds its happy place... get ready for the babies!  If you want to share with a friend, just take a baby clipping and root it in water or potting soil and it is good to go.  I've tried both ways with equal success.  This one started out just that way!

Have you had a chance to feast your eyes on Tovah Martin's book "The Unexpected Houseplant"? I'm about to snuggle up in my favorite chair and appreciate houseplants even more.

Do you have a favorite?

Posted by Paula