Paperwhites Please

While perusing one of my favorite blogs - Dreamy Whites - I was inspired to try forcing Paperwhites.  Maria said they are one of the easiest bulbs to grow so I thought I would give it a try - of course with a modern transitional flair.

First, I gathered the materials as instructed - Bulbs, Pebbles and 3 Dishes.

Next I placed the pebbles in the dishes.

To mimic the straight lines of the dish, I placed the bulbs in straight lines.  Since there is no worry of overcrowding I placed 3 rows of 3.  Hoping that the result will be splendid!

Ready for my 2nd dish...

Now - all three are complete.  You can see I only placed 3 in the center dish, I thought if all goes well I may add some Christmas baubles later.

The water pitcher is ready...

Adding water just to the bottom of the bulbs.


Now, we wait - 4-6 weeks with fingers crossed - Paperwhites please!?!

The package says- Guaranteed to Grow.... I'll post pics later if all goes well.

Posted by Paula