Autumn Daydreaming

Children skipping along on the playground at the start of the new school year
New notebooks, pencils, backpacks and lunch boxes
New school clothes
New Friends
Old Friends
Meeting new teachers
Finding your seat
The aroma of sharpening pencils

The State Fair
Pilgrims & Indians
Overflowing cornucopia
Falling Leaves
Laughing and jumping into the pile of newly raked leaves

Colorful Pumpkins & Gourds
Halloween costumes

Beautiful shades of orange, red, yellow, gold and green

This daydreaming is evoking such wonderful memories and feelings!
We hope our canvases that feature fall colors will bring a smile to your face.
A small change of artwork in your home's decor can be all that you need to set
you off on your own dreamy path. Today we are sharing Sunset.


Happy Autumn Dwelling!

Posted by Paula