Boo from the Bayou - 5 Easy Halloween Decorating Ideas

5 Easy Halloween Decorating Tips Shown:
1-Re-use picture frames- (we used broken ones but you could repurpose some in your home just for the season)
2-Create bewitching artwork on your computer- How easy is that?
3-Enlist family or friends who are artistic to create original inexpensive works of art- All you have to do is ask nicely - Artists love to be appreciated.
4-Use some of your own everyday decorative objects in "spooky" ways - No one else will have the same decor.
5-Mix it up- use leftover fabrics to create a one of a kind table topper
Are you ready for Halloween? We are! After pulling everything out of the attic and party closet, we started the actual process of decorating in anticipation of hosting our family and friends for the evening. Halloween is such a great holiday because in a sense, you are producing theater! You get to create the setting and provide the cast of characters against a backdrop that is only limited by your imagination. We are creating our setting without spending tons of money by re purposing things we already have or are able to borrow. We are giving new meaning to transitional decor. Transitioning everyday objects into objects of spectacular spookiness.

The entry table is set with a candelabra, a "dead" rose and the candy bowl of course. The rose is placed in a vase left behind by my daughter's move and is covered in spider webs. The table cover is actually 2 pieces of fabric from the party closet and 1 black scarf that was bought a few Halloweens ago for the mantel. Thoughts on the candy bowl... I used a crystal bowl from the china cabinet. Unexpected touch, don't you think? And hey, it was just sitting there so I decided to treat the guests to a lovely thing and enjoy something that I already have.

I bet I scared you. Ha Ha!

For the mantel, I asked my daughter to create "artwork" on black fiber board purchased at the craft store and painted with white marker. Old broken frames were used for the photoshop artwork printed out on the computer. And the little glass vase is filled with rocks from the garden and purchased metallic "flowers".

Posted by Paula