Autumn Is A Second Spring...

Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
~Albert Camus

Fall is on its way and here in Louisiana we are just beginning to feel that it is right around the corner. So to emphasize that autumn feeling in my home, I brought in a few things from the outdoors. On the mantel, a few cut branches from the tree in the front yard, a few pinecones and some artwork are all that are needed. The black and white photo was shot by my daughter and to me it represents happy feet- ready to rejoice in the clear, cooler days ahead.

You can see that the leaves are just beginning to show signs that a new season is approaching. I can't wait for more of the russet coloring to appear! I read one time that if you examine a fallen leaf, you'll see a tiny picture of the tree that produced it. The pattern of a tree's branches closely mimics the veins in its leaves.

The unassuming pinecone is usually a supporting player, but this time it is assigned a feature role.

Keeping it simple in the dining area, I used recycled glass and placed it down the center of the table filled with treasures from my stash of outdoor beauties- some collected on walks in the woods down by the lake.

Inspiration is waiting just outside the front door among the brilliant leaves and crackling twigs.

And I'm certainly looking forward to pumpkins, the falling leaves of red and gold, and a delicious bowl of gumbo on a cool autumn evening. How about you?

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Posted by Paula