Paint by number

You can't turn on the television or the radio without Obama's stimulus plan being the hottest topic in the news, so this post is dedicated to the number as art.

Artist Jasper Johns

This dining room is designed by Richard Winsberg as was featured in California Homes. It features a series of number drawings by Jasper Johns. Jasper Johns is a great American contemporary artist. In doing a little research on him I discovered that at the age of 24 he destroyed all of his artwork and decided to "stop becoming, and to be an artist. " He realized that life should not just be inspiring sometimes. But instead, it is one's state of mind that perceives the purity and value of moment-to-moment life as variable. He doesn't express raw emotion inspired by experiences. He believes that only the existence of art on an impersonal level can create new experiences for the viewer..

This landing showcases the number series also. It was featured in a post by Mrs. Blandings and was designed by Mariette Himes Gomez and featured in Architectural Digest.

Random Numbers

I love this bold kitchen with the number 16 having such visual impact. This was featured on Material Girl's post and is from Domino magazine. I don't think the kitchen would be the same without this bold number in the room. It seems to give it vitality and energy.

The living room is also from the same post- and just like Material Girl, I wonder- What is the significance of the numbers to the homeowner as they are visually agressive in the room's design.