The Shell Game

This home designed by Kotaro Ide of Artechnic is a wonderful weekend home for a family in Japan and is called The Shell. The tubular construction is so unexpected but yet it just seems to fit in the woodland setting. Also of note, no trees were felled in the building process.

Here is a view at night.

I love all of the textures used: wood, steel, glass, and concrete. These materials were chosen specifically due to the area being very damp and they required less maintenance.

The sensuous curves are so inviting.

This shot is just stunning!

I find the clean line details of the deck amazing!

I think I must be so awe struck by the shape of this house because I just had a custom shelf built that is based on this same premise. We just hung it in the dining room last night and I will share a shot of it later after I have finished placing all of the accessories.