Surprise & Delight

I have magazines and tear sheets that I like to keep for inspiration. (Much to my husband's chagrin) Anyway, I was going through one of my folders and found this shotgun house that I had torn out and saved. I'm sorry that I don't know what magazine published it....

If you have ever been in the South you have probably seen many of these houses. The shotgun style houses were built from after the Civil War through the 1920s. They are narrow one-story dwellings without halls. The rooms are placed behind one another in single file. The reason they are called shotgun is because if one were to fire a shotgun through the front door, the shot would pass through the lined up doors of each room and out the back door. Although in reality, the doors don't usually line up.

This example of an updated shotgun's interior brings Surprise- in how great it lives & Delight- at it's fresh sophistication and traditional feel but in an updated way.

The sofa is a John Saladino design, John is a noted international designer and author that blends contemporary and antique so well, which is what this house is about. The high ceilings lend spaciousness to the small space.

No house can have enough storage. This is great use of a small space in the bathroom.

I love the doors leading to the backyard.

This house has a more modern arrangement but with old-fashioned attributes that adds that southern flavor. The key to the home's charm is the blending of the old and new which makes this a wonderful example of simple transitional design.