Feeling Hungry? I mean Hungary!

The world of design according to me :) This is the first installment in my look at design around the world. The first country I am touring is Hungary. I just fell in love with this bedroom- it is so calm and serene, modern yet warm and inviting. I'm not usually a fan of the bed being so low to the floor, but for this room, I make an exception.

A view of the living room with a peak into the bedroom. The mixing of the different patterns give such a great visual interest to this small space. Notice the ceiling treatment- a small detail but nice impact just the same.

design suto kata and suto laszlo interior design

I love the use of the transparent fabric in this kitchen/dining area. It gives softness and contrast to the otherwise hard edges in the room. The chandelier is like jewelry to this room. Just the right touch.

design suto kata & suto laszlo interior design

Did you notice the accent stripes behind the sofa? It gives a new feature in the room without being overpowering.