In a Blue State of Mind

You can't read a design article these days without reading about being environmentally friendly or design sustainability. I read in the New York Times and on 901 that trend-spotter Ann Mack of JWT, one of the world's largest advertising agencies, has proclaimed blue to be the new green. According to Ann, “Environmentalism 2.0 is all about the planet and water. Those are blue images." She also adds another coming trend is about "commitment and rethinking instant gratification". This goes right along with sustainable design in my mind in purchasing the best that you can afford in quality so that it will last. And that may mean waiting to make a purchase in order to save up for it in order to purchase quality products.

So when I received my Florida Design magazine the other day and saw these beautiful rooms done in blue I just had to show them. The designer is Daniel Clancy of Perlmutter-Freiwald, Inc. He was selected to design a home that is a waterfront winter home in Palm Beach and he chose a neutral palette grounded with a deep indigo blue. He states that the blue and beige hues provide a theme of sea and sand that permeates throughout. I love the mixing of the traditional furnishings with the contemporary artwork throughout the home. The antique Biedermeier bench covered in silk is just stunning in the foyer.

Above the fireplace in the living room, a contemporary piece looks right at home.
The living room features an eclectic mix of antiques, a Persian rug and beautiful paintings.
I thoroughly love the dining room! Clean lines with lavish crystal- Deliberately simple.

This truly puts me in a Blue State of Mind. How about you?